Summary of Fees

Affidavit of Conversion to Real EstateMiscellaneous$51.00
Affidavit of DescentDeed$50.00
Affidavit per KRS 382.297 or 382.337Deed/Mortgage$46.00
Articles and Amended Articles (Profit & Nonprofit)Corporate Records$46.00
Assignment of MortgageMiscellaneous$46.00
Assignment of RentsDeed$50.00
Assignment of Vendor's LienMiscellaneous$46.00
Assumed NameCorporate Records$46.00
Assumption AgreementMortgage$46.00
Attest-Release (In House)Release$46.00
Bond to Release a Mechanic LienRelease$60.00
Bonds - Property as SuretyMiscellaneous Enc$63.00
Certificate of Delinquency AssignmentMiscellaneous$30.00
Certificate of Delinquency Re-assignmentMiscellaneous$46.00
Certificate of Delinquency ReleaseRelease$46.00
Child Support Lien - In StateEncumbrance$5.00
Child Support Lien - Out of StateEncumbrance$46.00
Child Support Lien Release - In StateRelease$5.00
Child Support Lien Release - Out of StateRelease$46.00
Condominium Declaration/Associated DocumentsCondo Deed$50.00
Contract Real Estate/LandDeed$50.00
Declaration of TrustDeed$46.00
DeedCondo Deed/Deed$50.00
Deed of CorrectionDeed$46.00
Deed of RestrictionsDeed$50.00
Disclaimer of WillWill$46.00
Easement ReleaseDeed$46.00
Encumbrance ReleaseRelease$46.00
Filing with statutory authority for which no specific fee is setVaries$46.00
Fixture Continuation Assignment, Amendment, Partial ReleaseFixture$46.00
Fixture FilingFixture$96.00
Inheritance Tax LienEncumbrance$5.00
Inheritance Tax Lien ReleaseMiscellaneous$5.00
Judgment LienEncumbrance$46.00
Land Use RestrictionsLand Use$50.00
Lease - Real Estate and/or EquipmentDeed$50.00
Limited Partnership or Partnership AgreementCorporate Records$46.00
Lis Pendens NoticeEncumbrance$46.00
Lis Pendens Notice ReleaseRelease$46.00
Marital AgreementDeed$46.00
Master Deed for CondominiumsCondo Deed/Deed$50.00
Mechanic LienMechanic Lien$46.00
Mechanic Lien ReleaseRelease$46.00
MortgageMortgage/Condo Mortgage$80.00
Mortgage Modification AgreementMortgage/Condo Mortgage$46.00
Mortgage with MERS/AssignmentMortgage/Condo Mortgage$126.00
Option Agreement - Real EstateDeed$50.00
PlatPlat Cabinet$50.00
Power of AttorneyDeed$50.00
Release of Mortgage - Full or PartialRelease$46.00
Renunciation of WillWill$46.00
Revocation of Power of AttomeyDeed$46.00
Subordination AgreementMortgage$46.00
Tax Lien - FederalEncumbrance$46.00
Tax Lien - StateEncumbrance$5.00
Tax Lien Release - FederalRelease$46.00
Tax Lien Release - StateRelease$5.00
Summary of Fees