Open Records Policy

Pursuant to KRS 61.870 -61.844, public records of the Webster County Clerk's office, that are not exempted by law, are open for inspection by any person upon written request to Valerie Newell, Webster County Clerk and the official custodian of the public records of this office.

To Make an Open Records Request

All requests should be made in writing and at a minimum include:

  1. The signature of the applicant and legibly printed name
  2. The mailing or mail address of the applicant, if copies are requested
  3. Whether the records will be used for commercial purposes.
  4. A clear description of the records requested.
  5. A statement the applicant is resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as described in KRS 61.876(10)​

Please note: Requests are not accepted by phone.

The written request can be delivered by any of the following methods:

Webster County Clerk's Office
25 U.S Highway 41-n
Dixon, KY 42409
Monday-Friday 8 AM-4 PM

Open Records
Webster County Clerk’s Office
P.O. Box 19
Dixon, KY 42409



Within 5 business days after the receipt of a written request, the office will notify applicants by mail or email of the availability of the records requested or of any reason why the records are not available for inspection. Individuals may inspect non-exempt records during hours listed above or may request paper copies.


Copies of written material shall be furnished upon payment of a fee of 50 cents per page KRS 64.0199(2)(a). Copies of nonwritten records (photographs, maps, information stored in computer files or libraries, etc.) shall be furnished upon request, upon payment of a charge equal to the actual cost of producing copies of such records by the most economic process not likely to damage of alter the record. All postage required for mailing the records will be the responsibility of the applicant. Some fees may be incurred even for digital delivery of records. Paper records which are only maintained as a paper record, will not be converted to electronic format. No copies will be released until payment has been received either in the form of a check, cash, or money order.

The Webster County Clerk's Office is not the custodian of all records of Webster County Government. Requests for records from other county agencies, such as Fiscal Court, Jail, Sheriff’s Office, County Attorney's Office, Or Coroner's Office, should be made directly to those agencies pursuant to their policies.

For further information or questions, please call 270-639-7006.

Open Records Policy